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TipCam is a desktop application that allows you to videocapture your screen ad share the captures over internet.

The files created by using TipCam can be saved in your hard drive as .flv and uploaded to the social network uTIPu, where all the users of the program share their captures and comment them.

TipCam is powerful enough as video recorder. You can zoom on a part of the screen and at the same time you can take notes on the fly and make them appear on the video you are recording.

Not only does it capture the picture but you can also ad sounds and narrations by using a microphone. Finally, it also offers you a set of keys that will allow you to control the record without having to use the interface of TipCam.

TipCam can even take remote screenshots by using a VNC connection. Don't forget to configure the number of frames per second and the image quality before starting recording.
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